Short Term Missions


Short-Term Missions: Nakhon PhanomNE Thailand

Option 1

Work/Ministry/English Teaching Team from late December 2011 to Mid January 2012. More details soon. Contact Garry Schache at or phone 09 2996231 to register your interest.

ACMissioNZ: John – what kind of practical tasks can GEN.12:1 Team Members do there in Naratchakwai?

John: There will be painting of the compound wall, buildings and the worship center; some gardening and planting; we’d love a computer expert to clean and tune up our computers and suggest improvements to our network. There’s plenty of maintenance that can be done here, or at other small village churches. Trades people and unskilled alike are welcome.

{Target fund-raising for maintenance materials etc: US$1,000 to US$2,000}

ACMissioNZ: For those considering the teaching English option – what would we do and what skills and abilities would we need to have?

John: There will be a variety of activities in schools – from active teaching, to listening to kids read, practicing speaking English, etc. English classes can also involve playing games and teaching songs. It depends upon the individual and how much they want to do. Formal training is NOT essential, just a willingness. Most of the students have VERY limited English, are VERY bashful and have VERY little self-confidence. Relationship building and encouragement is important.

We’re also interested in obtaining teacher’s editions of high school textbooks – math, English, sciences and social studies – new or second-hand. My dream would be for team members to bring them over with them.

ACMissioNZ: How can we be involved in your children’s and youth ministries at the Mission?

John: Seven students live here at the Mission, so there are always opportunities to interact with them about their school subjects and hold casual conversation in English. Teen interaction would be really great – our teens are extremely bashful and need encouragement. On Saturday mornings our students are involved in singing, Bible study, English classes, classical and modern bands. Then we have church on Sunday. There’s always opportunity here.

Option 2

‘Design-Your-Own’ Mission Trip

There is an invitation for you to customise your visit to suit when you are available to travel.

The Main Tasks:

  • Simple Conversational English with Thai school students.
  • Joining in with the day-to-day ministries of Christian Mission of Ban Naratchakwai in reaching out to the local village communities.
  • Taking in some rural Thai culture and sights including the Mekong River.


More Details to Follow… Stay Tuned!