New Prayer Calendar

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We have started a new 2 monthly prayer calendar which you can receive by email as a pdf .

Note : These are the same items that are sent out as a daily email but they will not fill up your inbox as you will only receive one email every 2 months with the items and also access to a easy to print pdf file. You may like to print out the prayer calendar and keep them with your Bible

Here is an example of the kind of prayer items:


Saturday 1st November 2014

THAILAND | CMN | Pastor Boonta
Thank the Lord that Pastor Boonta and his family are doing much better and that Pastor Boonta is doing the preaching at CMN.
Pray that the Lord will bless Pastor Boonta’s ministry with CMN.
Pray that they will benefit the overall ministry of CMN.
Continue to pray for Pastor’s Boonta’s family : for continued healing for his wife Phon and for their daughter Bow who has a disability that her practical needs can be met.
Praise and thank God for Boonta and Dtee who are visiting the local village every Saturday morning.


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