Philippines Overview

The Bishop of Philippines Advent Christian Churches, Inc.

  • BPACCI is a conference of approximately thirty churches.
  • In addition there are about twenty outreach ministries (church plants and other ministries that are not yet full-fledged churches).
  • Under the leadership of Eleazar Comajig, BPACCI now exists independently of the American Advent Mission Society (AAMS) of the Philippines.
  • Most of the pastors have attended various seminars offered through BPACCI and/or attended Oro Bible College (OBC). The pastors are well trained and doing a fine job of leading their churches.
  • In 2004, an orchard was started with financial assistance from New Zealand and over 500 trees were planted. In time, the orchard should yield enough fruit to provide supplemental income for pastors in the conference.
  • This is a progressive conference with good leadership.

Oro Bible College

  • OBC is an Advent Christian theological college that exists to equip men and women for Christian ministry in the Philippines, in Asia, and throughout the world.
  • The campus is in Cagayan de Oro (pop. 1 mill.) on Mindanao. OBC employs 17 people, most part-time.
  • OBC was the first evangelical Bible college in the region to be recognized by the Philippine government and remains the only government-recognized Bible college in the region.
  • An average of 40-50 students attend OBC each semester.
  • Current AC missionaries’ (Jeff & Penny Vann, Jeff & Rhonda Walsh) primary work is training, which is done through the ministry of Oro Bible College.
  • In 1971, Advent Christians developed this college, which is becoming well known in Asia for its high quality academic standing.
  • All of the buildings have been remodelled and upgraded, including a boys’ dorm, a girls’ dorm, a library and classroom building, and new faculty housing. A majority of this work has been carried out by New Zealand-led Work Teams and sponsorship.
  • The computer lab is fully functional with air conditioning and an internet service.
  • Oro Bible College is led by Director Nely Gamayon (PhD. candidate).
  • It is a four year college offering a liberal arts education with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology.
  • Oro Bible College is accredited by the Philippine Association of Bible and Theological Schools.
  • Oro Bible College’s degree program is recognized by the Philippine government’s Commission on Higher Education.
  • In response to the urging of the Philippine Department of Education, OBC has also started a preschool program. The preschool provides opportunities for outreach, since many of the families attending the preschool are non-Christian.
  • In addition, planning for offering seminary level courses is currently under way.

AAMS Missionaries

  • The college is well on its way to being independent of AAMS.
  • Jeff Walsh will remain as the only AAMS personnel teaching full-time at the college. He is the chaplain and teaches biblical studies and theological studies courses.
  • Rhonda Walsh serves as support personnel for AAMS and OBC. As well as homeschooling her three boys she is treasurer for the mission and often involved in special events at the college.