Current Ministry in Malaysia

There is an Advent Christian Conferences in Malaysia, in Kluang (Keluang).

  • The Kluang Conference was started by Rev. Thambusamy Devairakkam and wife Victoria.
  • In 1986 one of Rev T Devairakkam’s sons, James Devadasson , was appointed pastor of the Kluang Advent Christian Church and assisted his father who was designated Senior Pastor, in the ministry until Rev Devairakkam’s death. James was recognised by ACGC as the leader/worker of the Kluang AC ministry in 1989.
  • In 2008 James’ sister Ruth Devairakkam and husband Wilfred took over leadership of the church at Kluang.
  • The church is presently struggling, following a major split in 2008 and has only approximately 10 members.
  • Ruth and Wilfred hold home meetings and are doing personal visitation, as well as having regular Sunday meetings.
  • Ministry aspects include:
    • Reaching out to new contacts (Indian, Chinese and Filipino).
    • Bilingual Church services (Tamil / English).
    • Prayer Meetings
    • Bible Study
    • Chain Prayer
    • House Fellowships
    • Community service for those who seek us for help (paper-work whenever necessary).
    • Sharing Jesus to the broken-hearted among our contacts (broken families, broken marriages and those contemplating suicide).
    • English-speaking Chinese from other Churches have fellowship with us at our service and house meetings.