Malaysia Overview

There is an Advent Christian Conference in Malaysia,  in Kluang (Keluang).

  • The Kluang Conference was started by Rev. Thambusamy Devairakkam and wife Victoria.
  • From about mid 1986 James, one of Rev T Devairakkam’s sons, began assisting his father in the ministry and following Rev T Devairakkam’s death, Rev James Devadasson, assisted by his wife Mercy, took over leadership of the work.
  • In 2008 James’ sister Ruth Devairakkam and husband Wilfred took over leadership of the church at Kluang.
  • The church is presently struggling, following a major split in 2008 and has only approximately 10 members.
  • Ruth and Wilfred hold home meetings and are doing personal visitation, as well as having regular Sunday meetings.
  • Ministry aspects include:
    • Reaching out to new contacts (Indian, Chinese and Filipino).
    • Bilingual Church services (Tamil / English).
    • Prayer Meetings
    • Bible Study
    • Chain Prayer
    • House Fellowships
    • Community service for those who seek us for help (paper-work whenever necessary).
    • Sharing Jesus to the broken-hearted among our contacts (broken families, broken marriages and those contemplating suicide).
    • English-speaking Chinese from other Churches have fellowship with us at our service and house meetings.