Pastor Samuvel Templer

Pastor Samuvel Templer – Balha Bazar, Khagaria, Bihar
“Greetings to you in the glorious name of Jesus Christ.
My name is Samuvel Templer from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. From the year 2004, I am doing my ministry in the state of Bihar. I have decided to do the ministry in this state, because here the people are living in the uttermost darkness. I had a thirst to reveal the Gospel of Jesus among the people of this state.
I, my wife Sarah and our child Emi Carmichael are staying in the place of Bala Bazar. There are 50 believers in our church gathering. Please pray for us, that in future days, there should be more believers and Lord’s ministry should grow by his grace.
Please pray for my family church construction, pastor house and ministry too.”