Brother Arjun Kumar Das (Gabriel)

Brother Arjun Kumar Das (Gabriel) – Bakhri, Khagaria, Bihar

“I, Arjun Kumar, was born in a Hindu family.
In the year 2002, when I was travelling by train, an evangelist had met me and gave a magazine about Jesus Christ, The name of the magazine was “Jesus is the Healer” – as I was suffering from body weakness, this magazine and its message was becoming a comfort during the time. And I got one more book also about Jesus Christ the name was ”Jesus Is in Our Midst”
A brother from our village, Bro Paul Suthakar led me to follow Jesus. He gave me a Holy Bible.
My wife when she was conceived after 8 months there would be abortion. Three times the same incident had happened in my family. When I learnt that Jesus did miracles I also kept my faith on Jesus Christ and believed.
Lord has given me a daughter and a son. Thereafter I had baptism and now we are doing Lord’s ministry in Bihar. Kindly pray for my family, ministry and all needs to be solved.
Please pray for the church construction, pastor house and ministry too.”