Thailand | Pray for John

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014 I will be going to the hospital in Khon Kaen for a check for possible cancer again. This time, there is a “mass on the upper right lobe of the lung” and a “non- traumatic fracture of the right clavicle”. The doctor was quick to state that she was not […]

THAILAND – Prayer request from John Middlewood at CHRISTIAN MISSION NARATCHAKWAI

One of CMN’s new girls is Angela. John writes… “She is a Catholic, an 11th grade student in high school with a GPA of around 3.7/3.8. Her mother has some kind of cancer tumor in her brain and is going to Khon Kaen once a month for radiation and chemo treatments to see if they […]

Thailand | Update on Phon – give thanks!

Phon was sent home from Khon kaen.  She was told to check in today at the hospital and God was there. She got a new, young doctor that actually read all the stuff from Khon Kaen and then, the miracle – she followed all of their suggestions to the letter and gave her a letter […]

UPDATED 11th October : Update on Phon, Pastor Boonta and Bow

UPDATE: 11th October John writes Just spent quite a bit of time talking to Boonta on the phone, and here is the latest from him. He was able to talk to the doctors this morning and here is the results – the brain scan and spinal tap came back positive for another “bug” – I […]

Thailand | Pray for Pastor Boonta, pray for healing for his wife, Phon

From an earlier post John had arranged for Pastor Boonta, the pastor of a very small CFAPCA church at Laobada to bring his few very poor, elderly believers to Naratchakwai once a month for fellowship, for a meal and for Pastor Boonta to present the sermon for the morning service. As well as reducing the […]

Thailand | Prayer requests September 2013

Greetings from Thailand. Sometimes it is hard to know where to begin. Our week started with our combined group prayer meeting in Kuseman this month on Monday. Mr Boonta could not go with us this week because his wife was in the hospital and we have asked for those of you to pray for her […]

John’s Blog | Christian Mission Prayer Requests for August 2013

The Christ for all People Church Association met for monthly prayer group on August 5, 2013. Here are the items that each church would like to have everyone pray for – prayer requests and let God do the work. Christian Mission Naratchakwai Thank and praise God for the four girls – Bee, Pan, Lita and […]

Prayer Items from Thailand July 2013

Prayer Items from Thailand July 2013 Unfortunately Pastor Surachai and his wife Nipon, who commenced working at CMN on 1 April, have terminated their employment from 31 July. Please pray for them as they seek other suitable employment in the Lord’s service Please pray for John Middlewood as he commences searching for another Thai assistant […]

Thailand July Prayer

Difficulties concerning the employment of Assistant Pastor Surachai at Christian Mission Naratchakwai have developed during the past weeks, culminating in a mediation meeting on 17 July, chaired by an independent Pastor, between John and Maeo and Surachai and Pon. Following discussion, a detailed, written contract and list of duties and responsibilities was handed to Surachai and […]

Prayer Points from Thailand

Greetings from Thailand and this will finish up the month of April. Church service as normal on April 27. The crowd was down a bit, but it was a lively service with 27 people in attendance, Surachai was the preacher and he and I are now alternating as we go through the book of Romans. […]