Philippines | Typhoon In Cebu

Please pray for those in the Philippines. A typhoon has struck Cebu which is affecting our church in Banilad. Heavy rains are falling which could further damage the church walls which have been damaged by the recent earthquakes. Trees on the property next door to the church have come down and brushed against the damaged […]

Philippines | Earthquake

From Grant Aldridge: Please pray for those in our Banilad Blessed Hope Christian Fellowship Church where Pastor Jonathan Navacilla is the pastor.  There has just been an earthquake and there is damage to the church building. Photos sent show damage to Jonathan and Flor’s living quarters.  Give thanks that no one was hurt. An update […]

Prayer | Filipino Pastors need our prayers!

Pastor Jonathan Navacilla, pastor of the Banilad, Cebu church has been admitted to hospital today (Thursday 15 August) with a high fever and has been diagnosed as having several serious medical problems. Pastor Reniel Comajeg, faculty member at Oro Bible College, has also been diagnosed this week as having another medical problem and has been […]


Please pray for Pastor Roy Rocha and his congregation in Novaliches, Manila, as they face yet another flood.   At the moment the church is not affected but some members homes are at least waist deep in water. Apparently the water level has stopped rising but the rain continues to fall. Please pray that the water […]

Please pray for Pastor Reniel Comajeg.

Update: Reniel writes Thank you everyone for your prayers. I am now home and feeling much better than I was 2 days ago. I will still be on medication for the next 30 days and have to see the doctor every week for follow-up. Thank you again everyone. Please pray for Pastor Reniel Comajeg. He […]

Philippines | Continue to pray for Reniel

(Photo: Reniel Comajeg with  Felany Faye and their child Elisha Grant) In August we asked you to pray for Reniel M. Comajeg ( the Academic Dean of ORO Bible College) who had been diagnosed with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) and Dyslipidemia. Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis or NASH is often “silent” liver disease. It resembles alcoholic liver disease, but occurs in people who drink little or […]

Philippines | Give thanks for Chris Nathan Navacilla

Give thanks for the safe arrival of Chris Nathan Navacilla who arrived into this world three weeks early, on Jan 29th, at 8.15am. Mother, Flor, and Chris Nathan are doing well and are home. Father, Jonathan, is doing well also. Thank the Lord for this precious little gift.


Cagayan De Oro is in the path of another typhoon which is anticipated to be at least as bad as the one (Sendong) at this time last year. It is due to hit the city at just after 4.00am CDO time tomorrow, Dec 4th. (9.00am NZ time). Please pray that it will not eventuate or […]

Philippines | Pray for Reniel

(Photo: Reniel Comajeg with  Felany Faye and their child Elisha Grant) Reniel M. Comajeg ( the Academic Dean of ORO Bible College)  reports that has had trouble with nose bleeds. He went to have tests: I had fasted for 11 hours (no water and food) starting on Wednesday evening and on Thursday morning I went through a series of […]

Philippines | Floods | Roy Rocha asks for prayer (updated 8th August)

A message was received from Roy Rocha this morning “We are flooded. Dennis and  Richard are very helpful. Five of my members’ houses are submerged. For us it’s knee deep. In my mother’s, it was at waist deep. We are scared. Prayer will be appreciated.” Thanks Grant Update 8th August Grant writes: You may well have seen […]