Pastor Billy Comahig, one of the lecturers at OBC has sent the following message to us, asking that we pray for him and his family and especially his son Bill John. “I was not able to go to Buena Oro today {18 November} because we brought Bill John to the Doctor. He was having problem […]

Flooding in the Philippines

I included the following in our latest Update, prepared for the ACMissioNZ prayer meeting on 10 August… “… in Manila in the north, where Pastor Roy Rocha and his family minister as Advent Christian Movement in Manila. Roy wrote that he and his family had again been subjected to the flooding of their home. [on 23 […]

PHILIPPINES : Flooding in Manila again.

Once again Pastor Roy Rocha and his family (Advent Christian Movement in Manila) have been subjected to the flooding of their home. As Roy’s wife, Llerma, is unable to walk without crutches and cannot climb stairs, their home is at road level. Last week, Llerma had to be piggy-backed upstairs to safety as the waters […]

Pray for safety | Philippines

Please pray for the folk at Oro Bible College and the pastors and members of the Advent Christian churches on Mindanao – for safety for them and their properties. A group of Islamic militants, purporting to be linked to ISIS, has in the last few days taken over large parts of Marawi City, which is […]


Pastor Roy Rocha recently wrote as follows…. Dear Friends at ACMissioNZ, PLEASE PRAY FOR AIMEE GUAN Aimee is a grade 10 student. She was diagnosed of ovarian cyst in her left ovary. The left ovary was removed after her surgery last week. The initial result of the cyst was found to be Malignant (stage 1). […]


Please pray for the faculty, staff and leaders of the college as they work to prepare a program that will offer a Certificate in Biblical Studies. This is in response to a number of church groups that have requested special training. Please pray for the faculty, staff and students at Oro Bible College as a […]

Philippines | Pray for the family of Pastor Alex Dane

It is with deep sorrow that I have to report the death of our Filipino brother in Christ, Pastor Alex Dane at about 3:00pm Philippine time (8:00pm NZ time) today, January 26th. Bro Alex had a stroke earlier this weekend and did not regain consciousness. Unfortunately Alex passed away in Ormoc on the island of […]

Philippines | TYPHOON ‘GLENDA’

PHILIPPINES – ADVENT CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT (ACM) MANILA UPDATE Pastor Roy Rocha reports as follows and asks for prayer for his church members… “TYPHOON ‘GLENDA’ July 16, 2014, Metro Manila was under signal number 2 due to a Typhoon locally known as ‘GLENDA’. School classes and government offices were suspended. Strong winds and heavy rain caused […]

Prayer Request from Pastor Jonathan Navacilla | Philippines

Our Umapad contacts’ houses burned yesterday… No lives has been lost but all their properties were burned and nothing was left… Please pray for them and pray for me too…. This means that Pastor Jonathan and his people have had to deal with earthquake, typhoon and fire in the last two months. Please pray for […]

Your prayers are appreciated | Typoon Philippines

Please continue to pray for our brothers who are now suffering. You can read a report from the Bishop: Bishop’s Report | Typoon   Jonathan Navacilla send a note to tell us that our prayers are appreciated Just want to express my thanks to all of you who prayed for us! We were hit by […]