There is a bimonthly prayer calendar available for printing. Below are the latest prayer points.

INDIA | BIHAR – Prayer request for a fellow Christian worker

On behalf of the outreach team in Khagaria, Pastor Denny Moses has sent a request seeking prayer for a fellow Christian worker with whom they have worked for some years. He wrote… “Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Please kindly uphold Missionary Pastor Christopher (in Begusarai, Bihar) who is an independent servant of God, serving […]

India – Bihar – Pray for the safety of Shabila Devi

Pastor Denny Moses asks for urgent prayer for another Sister who is suffering for her faith. “Please pray for our sister. In our Khagaria – Bihar field church, Sister Shabila Devi is a strong believer. She is tortured by her family members and neighbors. She is regularly attending all the church services. Every week she is witnessing her troubles […]

Pray for the safety of Pastor Shatrugan

Please pray for the safety of Pastor Shatrugan and 6 other believers. Pastor Shatrugan baptised eight believers last week in the Karuvamor village in Bihar. This has angered many people. Over 100 of the villagers have threatened him and 6 other believers that they must leave the village before Sunday the 5th November. Their threat against Pastor Shatrugan is that if […]

Pray for safety | Philippines

Please pray for the folk at Oro Bible College and the pastors and members of the Advent Christian churches on Mindanao – for safety for them and their properties. A group of Islamic militants, purporting to be linked to ISIS, has in the last few days taken over large parts of Marawi City, which is […]

MYANMAR – Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar – Prayer item

Pastor Joseph and five other members of his organisation The WORD Mission – are travelling to the Shan State, which is to the north-east of Yangon to share the Gospel with unreached people groups in the hills of the state. They leave Yangon on 7 April and God willing will return on 25 April. Pastor […]

MALAYSIA | Praises to God and Prayer Items.

Sister Ruth recently wrote as follows… “PRAISES TO GOD Thank you so much for standing in the gap with us and for the people we are praying for. Your prayers have blessed us in many wonderful ways. We appreciate your prayers. Wilfred’s friend has been touched by God’s grace to bear the pain of the […]


Pastor Kenneth has asked us to pray for one of the orphan children he and his family care for – Josiah Lal Tan Pui. He wrote (Friday 25 November) … “Again, this is our sincere and humble prayer request for Josiah Lal Tan Pui, one of our children. He is sick since last week and […]

MALAYSIA | Kluang – Praises to God for Answered Prayer & a Prayer Request

Sister Ruth recently wrote… “Thank you so much for your fervent prayers for us and the contacts we reach out to, who are transformed and touched by our Father’s love. You are part of the blessings we are experiencing in Malaysia. 1. Our contact who was delivered from committing suicide, is now knowing more of […]

INDIA | YJM ministry partner – Prayer request from Pastor Paul Gandham, Outreach at Adda Road, Andhra Pradesh State

Pastor Paul Gandham has asked us to pray for his son, Victor Abraham, who is also a pastor and assists his father with the ministry at Adda Road and their four other outreach areas, and has recently begun a further prayer cell in a new area called Markandapuram. He travels there each Sunday and there […]

INDIA | YJM ministry partner – Prayer request from Rev. Solomon Raj, Director of YJM’s SHELTER TRUST, in Chennai, India

Shelter Trust is presently caring for 45 children and 8 adults, all of whom are suffering from HIV/AIDS. Prayer request from Rev. Solomon Raj, Director: “We seek your special prayers and support for Lakshmipathy Narayanan aged 12 (photo at right), who has been diagnosed with abdominal cancer which is spreading. He has been hospitalized for […]