MYANMAR | Prayer | Pastor T

Pastor Timothy has advised that his wife Hoi Vang’s father Nawl Hmung died from cancer at 11 pm last night, 23 March . He had been ill for some time. Timothy’s family will travel to Hoi Vang’s home village, Hakha, in Chin State next week and will stay there until 20 April. Pastor Timothy asks […]

MYANMAR – Please pray for those suffering from the flooding

Pastor D, President of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar has sent a message asking for prayer for him and the other members of the Conference as follows… “Please remember in your prayer for our ministry here in Yangon. This time heavy rain and water flood for our orphanage home and no more room for cooking […]

Myanmar | Pray for Mary

Pastor David, President of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar asks for prayer for his wife Mary as follows… “Greetings from Yangon, Myanmar. Now we are in the hospital for to have new baby. Doctor appointment to us operation on Monday.{14 April} Please remember in your prayer for to have new baby without difficulty and […]

Myanmar | Pastor David’s son Judson Health has improved

In this earlier post, we ask you to pray for Judson. Thank you for praying. Pastor David has reported as follows… “Greetings and yes Judson become better now. Thanks for your remember in your prayer. God is good and answer our prayer. Thank you. David”

Myanmar | Prayer for Pastor David’s son Judson

Wednesday 12 March Pastor David, President of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar, asks  for prayer for his youngest son Judson – who is about 4 -5 years old. “Please remember in your prayer for my son Judson. He become serious sickness and now we are in hospital. Thanks, D “ We will give you […]

Myanmar | Pastor David’s home is flooded

MYANMAR Pastor David asks for your prayers for his family and the nineteen orphans they care for in their home – Victory Lighthouse – as follows… “Greetings and we have prayer request for our home. This time heavy rain and our home was flood by water. We did not have extra room for cooking, sleeping […]

MYANMAR: Prayer request for Pastor J.

Pastor J advises that he is presently ministering the Gospel in the “Golden Triangle” near the border of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, to reach unreached people groups.  He reports “By God’s help, we have reached 47 people and 17 people have been baptized by me.”  Please pray for safety for him and his team and […]

MYANMAR – Prayer requests from Pastor K.

Pastor K, who is presently President of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar, has recently asked for prayer as below…  There is presently serious unrest in his country between Muslims and Buddhists, in various parts of the country. He says that many Muslim “temples” (mosques) have been destroyed by the Buddhists. He asks us to […]

MYANMAR | New building to house orphans

Late in January, Pastor T, who together with his wife cares for 19 orphans as well as his own five children, advised that he was seeking permission from the government to build a building to house the orphans. He was praying that he would be able to start the building before the end of February. […]

MYANMAR | Prayer for Pastor K’s Salvation Camp

Pastor K requests prayer for a Salvation Camp that he is holding in Yangon from April 12 to April 20. Workers and members from three of his branch mission fields outside of Yangon will come and join in this camp. He asks… “I hope that around 100 will gather together for the salvation camp. Please […]