MYANMAR | Advent Christian Church of Myanmar

Pastor Timothy, leader of the Advent Christian Church of Myanmar asks for prayer for one of his church planters – Sein Kyaw Aye (pictured) – who serves in the Yangon area. He suffers from high blood pressure but fell from his bed and injured his head and his left side was paralyzed, so was admitted […]

Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar | GOSPEL FOR MYANMAR

Pastor Kenneth, the leader of Gospel for Myanmar and one of the leaders of the AC Conference has asked for prayer as follows… Please pray for their Youth Leadership Training gathering which will be held next week, on Friday 28 and Saturday 29. Please pray that the Lord will provide for the cost of rent […]

MYANMAR | The present political situation | PLEASE PRAY

Please pray regularly for Myanmar; for the political situation and for the ministries of the Christian church in general and in particular for ministries of the four groups which make up the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar. These four groups care for a total of 303 orphan and underprivileged children throughout the country and have […]

MYANMAR – Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar – Prayer item

Pastor Joseph and five other members of his organisation The WORD Mission – are travelling to the Shan State, which is to the north-east of Yangon to share the Gospel with unreached people groups in the hills of the state. They leave Yangon on 7 April and God willing will return on 25 April. Pastor […]


Pastor Kenneth has asked us to pray for one of the orphan children he and his family care for – Josiah Lal Tan Pui. He wrote (Friday 25 November) … “Again, this is our sincere and humble prayer request for Josiah Lal Tan Pui, one of our children. He is sick since last week and […]

MYANMAR – Elections for the position of President

Pastor Timothy, President of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar (ACCM) has written thanking us for our prayers for the political situation in his country over recent years and asking us to pray specifically for the election for a President of the country which takes place on Tuesday 15 March. The election is for President […]


Pastor Kenneth, leader of ACCM member Gospel for Myanmar, has asked for prayer that the Lord will provide the considerable sum that is required by the end of February for a year’s rental payment for the property he has been renting for several years. He advises that the property is used as the home for […]

MYANMAR | Outreach to remote areas

Pastor Joseph has recently visited further remote, unreached with the Gospel areas of his country, this time to the LeTu people in the Rakhine State. This group worship demons as their gods. Joseph asks us to praise the Lord with him. His team’s ministry brought 67 people to accept Jesus Christ as Saviour and 7 […]

MYANMAR | Prayer | Pastor T

Pastor Timothy, one of the leaders of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar asks for prayer or him and a team as they again visit the areas in the Chin State and Sagaing Division that were recently affected by flooding. He writes… “I will visit to Sagaing division and Chin state again on Wed 23 Sept. […]

MYANMAR | Storm damage continues to take its toll!

Further to his earlier reports, Pastor Timothy, has today (31 July) reported as follows: “The storm is more than one week now and stronger. The damage is also more and more. Now the storm is in Rakhine State and in Chin state. Hakha {Timothy’s wife’s home village} is the worst place. More than 60 houses […]