MALAYSIA | Praises to God and Prayer Items.

Sister Ruth recently wrote as follows… “PRAISES TO GOD Thank you so much for standing in the gap with us and for the people we are praying for. Your prayers have blessed us in many wonderful ways. We appreciate your prayers. Wilfred’s friend has been touched by God’s grace to bear the pain of the […]

MALAYSIA | Kluang – Praises to God for Answered Prayer & a Prayer Request

Sister Ruth recently wrote… “Thank you so much for your fervent prayers for us and the contacts we reach out to, who are transformed and touched by our Father’s love. You are part of the blessings we are experiencing in Malaysia. 1. Our contact who was delivered from committing suicide, is now knowing more of […]

MALAYSIA | Kluang – Advent Christian Group’s ministry

Sister Ruth recently wrote… “Thank you so much for upholding us in prayer and “standing in the gap” with us, for the people to whom we are sharing Jesus. Praises unto God. He is good and His mercy endures forever. Your prayers are touching the lives of our friends in Malaysia. PRAISES TO GOD 1. […]

MALAYSIA | Kluang – Advent Christian Group’s ministry

Please continue to pray for the group led by Sister Ruth Devairakkam and her husband Wilfred, as they continue their one-on-one ministry to family, friends and other contacts. Sister Ruth advises that they keep in close contact with the leaders of other Christian groups in their city. They attended an Easter Fellowship Dinner for the […]


Sister Ruth wrote recently… “Thank you so much for your supportive prayers.   PRAISES TO GOD 1. During the time of heavy haze for the past few months, many of our friends, Christians and non-Christians, called for prayers. They were not well because of the haze. Praise God, all of them recovered fast and were able […]

MALAYSIA | Praise and prayer items

Sister Ruth Devairakkam recently wrote… “Praise the Lord for He is great.   PRAISES TO GOD 1. One of our outstation contacts, a young lady was delivered from a huge and impossible situation. She is seeing God’s presence and His love and help at the very point of her need. God has blessed her with […]

MALAYSIA – Praise and prayer items

Sister Ruth Devairakkam recently wrote… “Praise the Lord. The joy of the Lord is my strength. (Nehemiah 8: 10)   PRAISES TO GOD 1. A business woman in our neighborhood, who often asks us for prayer, shared how her rebellious son has changed for good. After leaving school, he was recently accepted at a university. […]

MALAYSIA – Praise for answered prayer and prayer requested

Sister Ruth Devairakkam in Kluang asks that we give praise to the Lord for answered prayers, and seeks prayer for other contacts. As she writes she says “We appreciate your prayers. You are part of every blessing that is touching the lives of others. God is blessing our one-on-one evangelism.” Praises to Jesus for answered […]

Malaysia Prayer Points September 2014

Sister Ruth Devairakkam in Kluang, writes… Greetings to you in the matchless Name of Jesus. We praise God for His mercy and grace over our lives. A young couple who often keep in touch with us, were looking after their aged father, during his time of illness.  God has been granting them wisdom, understanding, love, […]

Malaysia | Praise to the Lord

Sister Ruth Devairakkam  in Kluang writes… PRAISES TO THE LORD Thank you for interceding along with us. Our friends who were jobless for some time, Christians and non-Christians, have found jobs, and are already working in Kluang and out-station. Our believers and friends, are experiencing an increase of God’s presence and victories in their situations. […]