There is a bimonthly prayer calendar available for printing. Below are the latest prayer points.

MYANMAR | Advent Christian Church of Myanmar

Pastor Timothy, leader of the Advent Christian Church of Myanmar asks for prayer for one of his church planters – Sein Kyaw Aye (pictured) – who serves in the Yangon area. He suffers from high blood pressure but fell from his bed and injured his head and his left side was paralyzed, so was admitted […]

Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar | GOSPEL FOR MYANMAR

Pastor Kenneth, the leader of Gospel for Myanmar and one of the leaders of the AC Conference has asked for prayer as follows… Please pray for their Youth Leadership Training gathering which will be held next week, on Friday 28 and Saturday 29. Please pray that the Lord will provide for the cost of rent […]

INDIA | YJM Ministry Partner Rev Balu Nayak in Telengana State

Please pray for Rev. Balu Nayak, who was hit from behind by a car whilst riding his motorcycle on Sunday 6th January as he was on his way from preaching at his branch church at Balauthanda, to take the service at the main church at Mahabubabad. He is thanking the Lord that although he suffered […]

MYANMAR | The present political situation | PLEASE PRAY

Please pray regularly for Myanmar; for the political situation and for the ministries of the Christian church in general and in particular for ministries of the four groups which make up the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar. These four groups care for a total of 303 orphan and underprivileged children throughout the country and have […]


Please pray for Raja, the Mission’s driver for 20 years, and for his family. Through an unfortunate set of circumstances, some blame for which is attributable to Raja, his private taxi vehicle was involved in a collision at an intersection very close to the Mission compound about midnight on Thursday night, 15 November. The other […]


Pastor Billy Comahig, one of the lecturers at OBC has sent the following message to us, asking that we pray for him and his family and especially his son Bill John. “I was not able to go to Buena Oro today {18 November} because we brought Bill John to the Doctor. He was having problem […]

THAILAND | Christian Mission Naratchakwai

Please pray for Maeo, who was absent from Sunday’s services and activities. The message we have from Ploy is “Please pray for Maeo. Her leg is bigger. The doctor said it’s something wrong with her vein. It can’t work well. She feels hurt when she walks.” The accompanying picture of a very swollen leg is […]

MYANMAR and the PHILIPPINES – Flooding.

A week or so ago we a wrote concerning serious flooding experienced by some of our Advent Christian brothers and sisters in Myanmar and the Philippines. “It is the rainy/monsoon season in Asia at the moment and many of our brothers and sisters are suffering, in one way or another, from flooding and other problems […]

Flooding in the Philippines

I included the following in our latest Update, prepared for the ACMissioNZ prayer meeting on 10 August… “… in Manila in the north, where Pastor Roy Rocha and his family minister as Advent Christian Movement in Manila. Roy wrote that he and his family had again been subjected to the flooding of their home. [on 23 […]

PHILIPPINES : Flooding in Manila again.

Once again Pastor Roy Rocha and his family (Advent Christian Movement in Manila) have been subjected to the flooding of their home. As Roy’s wife, Llerma, is unable to walk without crutches and cannot climb stairs, their home is at road level. Last week, Llerma had to be piggy-backed upstairs to safety as the waters […]