The team at Christian Mission wrote on Facebook as they put up pictures and details of their activities on Sunday 23 October… “Thanks God for the worshiping yesterday and thank you for Soup of Love project today. After we finished we went to visit Bow, She’s very happy to meet us.” Job (left) led the […]


On Sunday 2 October the team at Christian Mission wrote on Facebook… “We are here again for worshiping and praying. Thanks God for sending us here. Ploy is come back, thanks God for this.” And, praise the Lord, Ploy (below left) was indeed back that day, doing her part in the planning and carrying out […]


Sunday 14 August was Mothers’ Day in Thailand and Christian Mission Naratchakwai was pleased to welcome a good number of visitors to a special service to share their celebration of thanksgiving for God’s gift of Mothers. The Thai people also use the occasion to honour their Queen – Queen Sirikit. Ploy wrote as follows as […]


The following message went up on the CMN Facebook page after the Sunday 31 July morning service… “Hello Sunday. Thanks God for the worshiping this morning and English activities this afternoon. สวัสดีวันอาทิตย์ ขอบคุณพระเจ้าสำหรับการนมัสการพระเจ้าเช้านี้และกิจกรรมภาษาอังกฤษบ่ายนี้ค่ะ” (They also put the message up in Thai so that those in their area who do not read or understand English can […]

Thailand | THANKSGIVING AND ANSWERS TO PRAYER at Christian Mission Naratchakwai

Thank you to those who prayed and those who gave so generously. Please join with the team at Christian Mission Naratchakwai (CMN) in praising the Lord for His faithfulness and provision. In my (Ernie Schache) update written in early February, following a meeting at Naratchakwai with Sister Maeo, Brother Boontaa and Ploy and Parn, I […]

Thailand | CHRISTIAN MISSION NARATCHAKWAI – Children’s Bible and English Camp

Please give thanks and praise to the Lord for the very successful “JESUS LOVES THE LITTLE CHILDREN” Bible and English Campo which was held at CMN’s property on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd April. Ploy’s report started with the words “It was a very wonderful camp!” In her posts of pictures and details on Facebook […]


Ploy wrote… “Here we are again! Thank you God for sending us here. We are so happy to worship God together. Thank you for the weather today, the weather is fine and a little windy.” Job led the first part of the service and welcomed and introduced those who were attending for the first time Recent […]

Thailand | Christian Mission Naratchakwai

In March, the Soup of Love team went to a slightly different place. Ploy wrote… “Soup of Love in March. We went to Ban Sang Hin. We read Dr.Seuss (One fish, two fish) to children in Child Development Center and gave Soup of Love to them. They like to eat soup and to listen to […]

Thailand | Sunday 28 February at Christian Mission Naratchakwai

“Hello Sunday! Today is a wonderful day. There are many people here. The weather is good. We are happy!” (Hover over images below, to read caption) Five of the girls singing “Here I am to worship” Please take a few minutes to listen to this video of five of the young ladies from Christian […]

Thailand | Christian Mission Naratchakwai’s Ministries

Team Leader Ploy wrote as she posted pictures of last Sunday’s service – (Valentine’s Day) on their Facebook page… ( “Happy Valentine’s Day. The day of love. We are here to bring love from God to the children and whoever comes to the church. Thanks God for your love.” The congregation send their love! Parn […]