Christian Mission Naratchakwai September Update

Greetings from Thailand, We would like to tell about August and September. On the first Sunday of August, our pastor, Boontaa was sick and the whole family was sick so they couldn’t come to join the service. So, Mr.Satawat came and spoke and shared about God to the people who came to the church on […]

THAILAND | Christian Mission Naratchakwai

The folks at Christian Mission are experiencing the heat of their summer at the moment! The Facebook post from their morning service on 14 July read… “Thanks God for today. The weather today’s very hot, but we are happy to worship here. We are happy to see each other again. God bless you. ❤”   […]


CHRISTIAN MISSION NARATCHAKWAI, THAILAND July 7, 2019 Greetings from Christian Mission Naratchakwai in Thailand, We would like to tell you about our activities in June. We have church every weekend and it is a great chance for us to praise the Lord. Services on Sunday Morning and welcome new children. Teaching the Bible and eating […]

THAILAND – Christian Mission Naratchakwai | Parn’s Testimony

How Parn became a Christian When I was 12 years old, Dr John Middlewood came to visit the students at Kham Phok Village School, and I was one of the students at that time. He told the teacher that he wanted to help some students and give us scholarships if we could pass the exams […]

THAILAND | Christian Mission Naratchakwai |MAY UPDATE

CMN Leadership Team leader Ploy writes… “May 20, 2019 Greetings from Thailand. We would like to tell you about our activities in April and May. These are our update details. Last month, we celebrated Songkran’s Day (Thai’s New Year) at the church on 14th of April, we wore flower screen shirts and it looked colorful. Thank […]

THAILAND | Christian Mission Naratchakwai | Ploy’s testimony

“How Ploy became a Christian. When I was 12 years old, Dr. John Middlewood came to the school at our village and said that he would like to take care of some students who could enter the English Program at the secondary school in Nakhon Phanom city and come to live with him. He said […]

Christian Mission Naratchakwai April Newsletter

Hello everyone, Greetings from Thailand, we would like to tell about our days in March and the plan in April. These are our update details. Thank you that last month, Tik got a full-time job in a supermarket. She gets a holiday once a month, so she can come to the church once a month […]

Christian Mission Naratchakwai Thailand, February 28th Newsletter

Hello everyone, greetings from Nakhon Phanom, the most beautiful province in Thailand… no it’s not. There are a lot of beautiful places in Thailand but Nakhon Phanom is one of them. This is our update details for February. It looks like we have something new in this month: Thank you for Tik and her son […]

THAILAND | Christian Mission Naratchakwai Update for January

“Greetings from Christian Mission, Thailand. Hello everyone, Everything is going well here. We were starting the first month of the year with happiness and we were planning about something new in this month. Children have come to learn about God and study English with our leadership team. Pictures below. We went to give Soup of […]


Ploy has sent the following report about their December activities and ministries… “December 29, 2018 Greetings from Christian Mission, Thailand This is the news update of CMN for December, the great month of the year because Jesus Christ was born in this month. People around the world celebrate and feel thankful that God sent Jesus […]