“Greetings from Christian Mission, Thailand. This is the news update of CMN for November. We all here are praying for everybody around the world. We have a prayer meeting every Saturday at 3 pm. If you have something that you want us to pray for you, please tell us and we will pray for you. […]

Christian Mission Naratchakwai, Thailand October 23, 2018

Greeting from Christian Mission, Thailand This is the news update of CMN for October. We all here are happy and enjoy our life. We all here are praying for everybody around the world. We have a prayer meeting every Saturday at 3 pm. after cleaning the church at the afternoon. Then we prepare the activities […]


A Ministry Update from Ploy “Greeting from Christian Mission Naratchakwai, Thailand. It is good to worship God every Sunday. We serve the Lord and do many activities together. God allows us to meet each other and know a lot of friends in Jesus Christ. We are very pleased to serve the Lord forever. Thank you, […]

THAILAND | Rev. Jeff Walsh’s article re CHRISTIAN MISSION NARATCHAKWAI and ISAAN people group.

Advent Christian General Conference’s Director of International Missions, Rev. Jeff Walsh wrote the following article for the June 28th 2018 edition of the Weekly E-News… “News from our Director of International Missions Jeffrey Walsh  Real People Like You and I Thinking in terms of unreached people groups has great value for praying and strategic decision-making. […]

April News from THAILAND – Christian Mission Naratchakwai.

Ploy, the leader of the Leadership Team at CMN, sent this greeting and report… “Greeting from Christian Mission, Thailand. We would like to tell you about us in this April. We started the first Sunday at 1st April. We celebrated Songkran Day (Thai New Year) in CMN. But last night we met with a rainstorm. […]


Thank you for your prayers for Maeo, Brother Boontaa, Ploy, Parn, Lita, Job, Kaew and Guitar at CMN. God is bringing blessing in increased numbers because of their service and your prayers. What is really encouraging and exciting is the increase in the number of adults attending the Sunday morning worship services. This week’s Facebook […]


The members of the Project Barnabas Team which visited Christian Mission Naratchakwai in December ’16 /January ’17 were blessed to be able to worship with the CMN congregation on several occasions. We also joined in the worship time of a combined meeting of church leaders of the Christ for All People Church Association on one […]

THAILAND | Christ for All People Churches Association and Christian Mission pay respect to their late king

King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand died on 13 October 2016 at the age of 88 after a long illness. A year-long period of mourning was subsequently announced. Formal Thai customary mourning practices and his cremation are expected to take place in the future, possibly lasting beyond the official one-year period. Having reigned since 9 June […]


The team at Christian Mission wrote on Facebook as they put up pictures and details of their activities on Sunday 23 October… “Thanks God for the worshiping yesterday and thank you for Soup of Love project today. After we finished we went to visit Bow, She’s very happy to meet us.” Job (left) led the […]


On Sunday 2 October the team at Christian Mission wrote on Facebook… “We are here again for worshiping and praying. Thanks God for sending us here. Ploy is come back, thanks God for this.” And, praise the Lord, Ploy (below left) was indeed back that day, doing her part in the planning and carrying out […]