Pastor Timothy, leader of the Advent Christian Church of Myanmar organisation, one of the members of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar, has reported that he has been busy with leadership meetings in recent days. On Monday 26 November 145 Christian leaders attended a Leadership Conference organised by Pastor Timothy. He had invited leaders of […]

THAILAND | Celebrations at the Advent Christian Church of Myanmar’s Headquarters!

Pastor Timothy, the founder and leader of the Advent Christian Church of Myanmar and one of the leaders of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar, responded to a greeting sent in March for his wife’s (Hoi Van) birthday as follows… “Thank you for your greetings for Hoi’s birthday. Yes, I passed to her and she […]

MYANMAR | Pastor Timothy. Baptises seven new Christian to celebrate Christmas!

Pastor Timothy reports: “By the grace of God and your prayer helped, I gave water baptism to seven new Christians at my home church on Sunday, December 24. God bless our Christmas.”   Pastor Timothy also wrote as follows earlier in December… “Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. […]


Pastor Timothy recently advised that he had visited his church in his home town of Hakha City, in the Chin State, and visited land which he owns there. He is very pleased as “a big new road is crossing in front of my land. God prepares good land for His kingdom.” Whilst he was there […]

MYANMAR – Advent Christian Church of Myanmar’s ministries

Last month (June), Pastor Timothy wrote as follows…: “Greetings to you in name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We praise God for your prayer help and support all the time. In May, our youth group and I had outreach work at four places. Two places in Delta areas: Twin Htemyo and Maopinmyo (200 persons). The […]

MYANMAR – ADVENT CHRISTIAN CHURCH of MYANMAR trains its church planters

Pastor Timothy has sent news of a recent training session for his group’s church planters. He wrote… “I am sending to you some pictures of our Church planters and their wives at one day training at my home Church on Tues 28 March 2017. I also send a picture of Lydia our church planter at […]

MYANMAR | Children return to school – Part 2

When he wrote to thank us for a recent remittance sent to the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar to assist them with getting their 271 children back to school, Pastor Timothy was able to update us in regard to some of the older children in his family and his extended family.[clear] The children were thrilled […]

MYANMAR | Pastor Timothy visits Chin State to preach

Early in May, Pastor Timothy, President of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar, returned to his home State – the Chin State – to attend the marriage of his youngest brother and to take up an invitation from a small village of only 20 families to preach the Word of God. He also took time […]

MYANMAR | Report from Advent Christian Conference President Pastor Timothy

In mid 2015, during and following the disastrous flooding which many parts of Myanamr experienced, Pastor Timothy’s Advent Christian Church of Myanmar sought prayer and support to asssist the village of New Hakka with the constuction of a new water supply system. New Hakha is a village in the hilly area of the Hakha district […]

MYANMAR | LEADERSHIP TRAINING in the Advent Christian Church of Myanmar.

Pastor Timothy has advised that on 18 January he held a day’s leadership training for those in positions of leadership and responsibility in their churches and ministries. They studied the topics “Effective Preaching” and “Who Jesus is and who we are in Jesus.” Timothy reports those who attended enjoyed the day very much and indicated […]