MYANMAR | THE WORD MISSION | Church planters

Pastor Joseph, one of the four leaders of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar and leader of THE WORD MISSION, has a real burden for the lost and spends much time, with his team, in areas of his country that are unreached with the Gospel.  In some of the newly reached areas, graduates of his Bible […]

MYANMAR | Report from Pastor Joseph – THE WORD MISSION

Pastor Joseph sent this information about his ministries, his trips and his co-workers some time ago – my apologies for the delay in getting it up on our website. Church planter activity My name is Seth from Lahu tribes. I get my C.Th at The Word College. I have served the Lord as church planter under […]

MYANMAR – Outreach to the unreached by Pastor Joseph’s THE WORD MISSION

Pastor Joseph recently reported on his latest outreach trip to the Shan State: “We started our outreach trip to Shan State on April 10, 2018 and it ended on April 29, 2018. I am excited to report to you about how the Lord God is moving on unreached people groups of Akham, Lahu, Shan, Burma […]

MYANMAR | Pastor Joseph again reaches out to those in unreached people groups.

During December, Pastor Joseph, one of our four ministry leaders in Myanmar, and a ministry team travelled to share God’s Word with unreached people groups in Myanmar. Pastor Joseph reports: We started our trip to Rakhine State, Maygon Division and Yangon on December 7, 2017 and ended it on December 29, 2017. I am excited […]

MYANMAR | Report on Brother Joseph’s outreach to Magone

For two weeks during October, a team from Pastor Joseph’s THE WORD MISSION travelled to the Magone Division, which is a small division to the north-west of the Magway Division. Brother Joseph reported as follows… “We started our trip to Magone Division on 15 October 2017 and it ended on 29 October 2017. I am […]

MYANMAR | More outreach by THE WORD MISSION – Pastor Joseph.

Pastor Joseph and his outreach team were only back at their base in Yangon from their trip to the Shan State for 8 days before they left again to take the Gospel to the people of the Rakhine State. He reported as follows… Report for outreach of May We started out trip to Rakhine State […]


ACGC’s World Outreach office has an ongoing mission project list with needs from our outreach ministries. These special needs are items that will assist the outreach ministries, but are items that cannot be included in our mission budget due to budget constraints. Many AC churches, WHFMS groups and individuals will take on a mission project from […]

MYANMAR – OUTREACH by a team from THE WORD MISSION – Pastor Joseph

Pastor Joseph, the leader of The Word Mission and one of the leaders of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar, accompanied by five other members of his organisation, left Yangon on 5 April to take the Gospel to unreached areas of the Shan State. They returned on 25 April, and Pastor Joseph has sent the […]

MYANMAR – Pastor Joseph’s outreach

During the Christmas period, Pastor Joseph took a team of his believers to the State of Rakhine to share the Gospel. On his return, he reported as follows… “Praise with us and pray for us. 1. We started our mission trip on 17.12.2016 and the ended on 29.12.2016. 2. We do gospel revolution in two […]


Please rejoice with Pastor Joseph and the members of his organisation “The WORD MISSION” as they had the joy of baptising twelve new brothers and sisters into the Lord’s family on Sunday. Pastor Joseph wrote… “This is greeting from Joseph. By God’s grace we have baptized 12 people on Sunday. Please pray that God will […]