MALAYSIA | Advent Christian group in Kluang | Sister Ruth Devairakkam

Ruth Devairakkam and her husband Wilfred attended the Pastors Fellowship. The pastors are from various denominations but come together for prayer and support. Pray for the united efforts of the pastors and that their fellowship will give encouragement and their spirits will be renewed and strengthened. Sister Ruth asks for prayer for the following: A […]

MALAYSIA -| Praises to God and Prayer Item.

Sister Ruth recently wrote as follows… PRAISES TO GOD. PSALM 66: 2 “Sing forth the honour of His Name, make His praise glorious.” We want to thank you for your fervent prayers that have caused results in our lives and those we are in contact with. For Easter, we had Easter fellowship in the morning with […]


Sister Ruth and Brother Wilfred from Kluang, had the joy of seeing their elder daughter Joanna married to Kenneth on Saturday 22 October. The marriage was celebrated in Malacca, Malaysia, where the young couple will live, and was attended by four hundred and fifty people from various parts of Malaysia and from overseas. After the […]

MALAYSIA | Fellowship with other local churches

Sister Ruth Devairakkam reported that their AC group had joined with other Tamil churches in their city to celebrate Malaysia Day. She wrote… “The Tamil Churches in Kluang, Malaysia held the Malaysia Day Service on September 16, 2016. We had a very good time of fellowship. I was invited to pray the opening Prayer. The […]

MALAYSIA | Training for marriage and parenting courses

Sister Ruth Devairakkam recently wrote… “My husband, Wilfred and I were invited to a ‘Marriage and Parenting Courses Team Training’ Launch on July 28, 2016. Pastors and Leaders from various Churches were present. It was a good time of fellowship with them. [This] picture was taken at the launch of the Team Training.”   Please […]


Ruth and Wilfred keep in touch with the pastors and leaders of other churches and denominations in Kluang. They sent this picture of a recent gathering for dinner in the cool of the evening.


The Advent Christian group in Kluang recently joined together with four other denominations in the city to celebrate Christmas. Ruth and Wilfred were asked to sing two Gospel songs at the function.


Because of a generous gift from a supporter, late last year ACMissioNZ was able to send some funds to the AC Group in Kluang, Malaysia, to assist their ministries. Sister Ruth has advised, on behalf of her group, that the 653 Malaysian ringgits the gift bought were used to assist a needy student; to assist […]

MALAYSIA | July Newsletter

Sister Ruth Devairakkam recently reported as follows… “Greetings in the precious Name of Jesus.Thank you for praying along with us. A Couple looking after their aged Father: An amazing miracle took place in this couple’s life. God restored their marriage and they are able to deal with the negatives in their personalities. In the process of […]


Ruth Devairakkam, leader of the Advent Christian group in Kluang, recently reported as follows… We thank you for your continuous prayer for our group.   “PRAISES TO GOD One of the ladies, our contact who was united to her daughter after 10 years, is now experiencing the increase of God’s presence in the building of […]