Praise the Lord with us that ACGC in the United States was recently able to send a number of TREASURES to India for some of our ministry partners. The TREASURE is a solar powered, solid state digital audio player developed by an American organisation – WORLD MISSION – with which ACGC’s International Missions Department partners. […]


Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar leaders have for several months been telling us of unusually hot weather being experienced. In early April ACCM President Pastor Timothy advised that the country was then experiencing its hottest summer season for many, many years and the government was very concerned about the shortage of water which was already […]

MYANMAR | Care of Orphans and Underprivileged Children

The four member organisations of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar (ACCM) currently care for a total of 271 orphan or underprivileged children. Pastor Joseph’s The Word Mission cares for 79; Pastor David’s Fellowship Bible Church cares for 96; Pastor Timothy’s Advent Christian Church of Myanmar cares for 56 and Pastor Kenneth’s Gospel for Myanmar […]

MYANMAR | Flood Relief

The flooding in Myanmar is getting worse, with the storms growing stronger and affecting more and more areas with increasing damage. The people are dealing with landslides and no electricity.  Many of the people are also facing sickness and food prices for basic items are soaring.   Please pray for the people of this land, […]

THAILAND |Christian Mission Naratchakwai | An Opportunity

Rev Jeff Walsh Director of World Outreach for the Advent Christian General Conference wrote as follows in ACGC’s Weekly E-News on June 17, 2015 “Thailand: An Opportunity Disguised As an Impossible Situation Wanted: Career missionary applicants for ministry in northeast Thailand! The Department of World Outreach is seeking to place full-time missionaries to share the […]

The TREASURE for our Mission fields!

UPDATE: Thank you Thank you very much to those who prayed and those who sent gifts to provide “TREASURES” for Pastor Paul Sunder Raj’s ministry in Bihar, India. Because of gifts from the Lord’s people in New Zealand and the United States, 15 “TREASURES” in the Hindi language will very shortly be on the way […]


In our item dated 27 September 2013 we set out details of the position that Pastor Paul Sunder Raj, as Principal of St Xavier’s High School in Khagaria, Bihar was facing. Please refresh your memory:  St Xavier’s High School Thank you for praying – although the problem has not been completely resolved, some significant progress […]

PHILIPPINES – ORO BIBLE COLLEGE – Termites still at work in faculty apartment block!

The results of the flooding and inundation of Cagayan de Oro city during Cyclone “Washi” in December 2011 are still very evident at Oro Bible College where the campus was flooded and all buildings inundated. The substantial damage caused by termite infestation of the main administration building during the flooding has been repaired and the […]

Malaysia | Christmas Gifts for Children in need

UPDATE January 2014 Thank for your gifts. The AC group in Kluang was able to give gifts to all members of a poor family  and  to a Home for poor children.” Read More We recently asked Sister Ruth Devairakkam how we could assist the little Advent Christian group she leads in Kluang with their ministry. She indicated […]


As part of the practical training for OBC students, the Field Education Department carries out church planting ministries with Bible studies and children’s ministry. OBC faculty members, with students, lead Bible Studies for adults and teach children in the community. The children’s ministry, held in two areas of the Buena Oro Barangay of Cagayan de […]