INDIA | Yesuway Jeevan Mission Ministry Partner – Christ Special High School

Pastor Paul NilivanPastor Paul Nilivan, the leader of the Christ Special High School at Sankarapuram which is located several hours’ drive south-west of Chennai, recently wrote to express appreciation for the financial assistance that YJM is able to send each month and to report on some of their recent activities. The school is a residential one which cares for children and young people who are physically and/or intellectually handicapped and for some who have hearing difficulties. He wrote…

“Greetings from Christ Special High School.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to American Advent Mission for their prayer and finance support.  On October 23rd 2019 to October 25th 2019 we had a 3 days training program for our students.  So we are sending photos and report.
Trainers from Chennai Mrs. Rajam & Mrs. Usha Morris conducted Catering, Tailoring & Handicrafts training.  The student’s involvement was very much amazing.

We would like to thank our Lord Jesus Christ and our all the sponsors in India & overseas.

Please pray for our school and students.”


Tailoring (sewing):