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Pastor Timothy, founder and leader of the Advent Christian Church of Myanmar, has written asking us to pray for a situation that has arisen at his home property, which is the base for his organisation’s ministries.

On the evening of Friday 11 October, their “worship house” (they are not permitted to build churches!) which is situated at the rear of their house and the two-storey house in which his orphans live, suddenly collapsed.

He hopes to be able to replace the building with one which is more permanent – constructed from steel framing and corrugated iron rather than bamboo and palm tree leaves, and he asks us to pray that the Lord will provide the funds to rebuild a new floor and a new roof – 2,781,800 Myanmar kyats (NZ$2,885, US$1,850).

He also asks us to thank and praise the Lord that no-one was injured when the roof collapsed. He and his wife Hoi returned home on Friday after visiting a church member, and when they arrived some of the older orphan boys who they care for were playing ball inside the structure. Hoi stopped them doing that and they left the area. Two or three minutes later the roof collapsed. They are grateful to the Lord that no-one was injured, and that all their extended family are safe.