MYANMAR | Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar | GOSPEL FOR MYANMAR

Pastor Kenneth, one of the leaders of the Advent Christian conference of Myanmar and leader of Gospel for Myanmar has asked us to pray for his garment manufacturing project (Salem Garment Factory) and for his theological college – Salem Theological School.

To generate funds to support their ministries and to give paid employment to some members of their congregation, they have set up a small sewing business in an outbuilding at the house property where they live, and in which they hold their church services.  There are four ladies employed at present. They have all the right equipment and skills to manufacture children’s clothing …

They started the project in May and have had some orders, but the onset of their rainy season meant their volume has been fairly low. They ask us to pray that now the weather is more settled, that there will be more orders coming in.

Will you please pray with them, asking God to bless this new activity so that it may ultimately bring glory to Him and assist in their efforts to share the Gospel with their people in Myanmar.

Earlier this month, their Salem Theological School students returned to begin their second semester studies. They gathered, with all the faculty members, for prayer and worship as they began the semester.

Please pray for these students as they study to fit themselves to serve their Lord and pray for the part-time and full-time lecturers as they teach them. Pray especially that the Lord will lead the students to the specific ministry that He has chosen for them.

Pastor Kenneth asks us to pray especially for two of the students who are going to graduate in January 2020.

This is Hto Mon Leah.     She is from Sakhan Kyi village, Tayet Township, Magwe Division. She belongs to the Biblical Church of Christ. After graduation she is going to serve the Lord at her own village.

This is Naomi, from Okshitgone village, in the Yangon Division. She is one of Pastor Hla Thaung’s church members. After graduation she will work with Pastor Hla Thaung as a Sunday School teacher at her own church.

Please pray that the Lord will confirm His will for these two young ladies and will provide financial support for them and will make them real blessings to many in His ministry.