Christian Mission Naratchakwai September Update

Greetings from Thailand,

We would like to tell about August and September.

On the first Sunday of August, our pastor, Boontaa was sick and the whole family was sick so they couldn’t come to join the service. So, Mr.Satawat came and spoke and shared about God to the people who came to the church on that day. (Mr. Satawat has been in our team for many years. He looks after the TLCB’s scholarships every month and comes to the church every Sunday.)

We celebrated Mother’s Day at CMN on 11th of August. A lot of people came here that day. We were very happy to see the children invite their mothers to attend the church and have some special time together.

This is a short movie from the teenagers in our church.

Thank you, God, for every Sunday that you send people here and let us be family and friends. We start September with a lot of love in our hearts and happy to do God’s works.

And this is a link on our Facebook page, a special song from kids.

The Christ for All People Church Association’s Leadership Meeting was held at Naratchakwai Church on Monday, September 9th 2019. Our team members were at school and the university, so there were only Maeo and Dtee who were leading and taking care of the guests. Thank you God that our guests were very kind, they helped Maeo and Dtee from the beginning until the meeting finished.

These are the names of the member churches in Christ for All People Church Association.

  1. Christian Mission Naratchakwai in Nakhon Phanom
  2. Kusumarn Church in Sakhon Nakhon
  3. Kudsakoi Church in Sakhon Nakhon
  4. Na Lao in Sakhon Nakhon
  5. Hnong Khon Kaen in Mookdahan
  6. Num Meed in Naan
  7. Dong Noi in Naan

Thank you to donors for the funds for helping……

Pea, he is a teenager in CMN, his sister is Ploy’s friend and they lost their mom this year and there are a lot of problems in his family. Pea lives with his grandmother in Nakhon Phanom and he is studying in grade 7 in Nakhon Phanom Wittayakom School.  Now he gets the scholarship from the funds for 5 months. Thank you very much.


Dtee’s Denture. He got funds to have dentures made but he found that he had high blood pressure, so he had to treat that and now he has received the denture. He can smile with happiness.  We hope he can enjoy food again soon!!


Kudsakoi church got a donation towards the cost of materials for the rebuilding of their church.

The Blu people in Laos; the leader in this church has to work hard to help people around him and lead the church that has a lot of people. This month, there is a storm which affected Nakhon Phanom and Laos, some areas are flooding. Please pray for them.

Boontaa family got funds to purchase a diesel generator for his family so that they can have electricity to run fans when there are power cuts, because it is very hard for Bow to rest during hot weather without electricity.


Congratulation for Maeo! She got another grandson last month and he is 1 month old now.

Soup of Love for August. There was heavy rain in August. Thank you God for September that the weather is getting better. So, we went to give Soup of Love in Ban Kham Pok and give senior food. Thank you God for the good weather today.

Thank you God for everything. Thank you ACMissioNZ. Thank you to everyone who always prays for Christian Mission Naratchakwai.

Please enjoy with our music video on YouTube here. We are happy to record the moments when we go out to share the Gospel with others.

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We hope you enjoy reading our updates.

God bless you.


Christian Mission Naratchakwai, Thailand.