MYANMAR | Monsoon rains cause serious flooding

Pastor Joseph, President of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar, has advised that recent monsoon rains have and are causing serious flooding in many areas of their country. He wrote…

“Please pray for us. Here in Myanmar, many have lost their children, homes, animals and fields and so on, because heavy floods are going on.

Pray that God will comfort us and give us inner strength.

Many thanks.


He subsequently advised that the flooding is widespread throughout the country, and that many of the church planters of Conference members are affected, as are those in and around Yangon. Food, shelter and clean water are major needs at this time, by his organisation’s workers in Yangon and Mon State, Kayan State and Pagone Division.

News items indicate that 11 of the 14 regions of the country have been affected, particularly the Kachin State and all those which border the Irrawaddy River which is the major river which runs the full length of the country.

Pastor David, whose organization cares for 100 orphans /underprivileged children in several places around Yangon wrote…

“Greetings in the name of Jesus.

We hope you and ministry are going well.

By the grace of God we all are fine and going well in ministry.

But heavy rain and water flooding in our homes and some children become sick.

Please be praying for our ministry here in Myanmar.

Thanks and God bless you.

In Him,


Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Myanmar and for all those affected throughout the country.

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