THAILAND – Christian Mission Naratchakwai | Parn’s Testimony

How Parn became a Christian

When I was 12 years old, Dr John Middlewood came to visit the students at Kham Phok Village School, and I was one of the students at that time. He told the teacher that he wanted to help some students and give us scholarships if we could pass the exams for studying in English Program at Nakhon Phanom’s Wittayakom School. I and Ploy decided to take the exams, and we passed! After that, Dr John came to my house to talk with my parents about studying with him and Maeo at the mission. He would teach us English and help with the study fees.

At that time I was afraid to leave my parents because it was my first time to stay far from them, but my parents said that it was a good chance for me to study English and to have a bright future, so they let me stay at the mission.

In summer break before going to join the English Program Course at Nakhon Phanom Wittayakom School, we studied English very hard and Dr. John was very tough on us. It was a very hard time for us.

On the weekends we attended the church, he didn’t force us to join the church, but we wanted to help and that was my first time hearing and learning about God and we knew that it was God’s plan for our lives.

I have joined many of the church’s programs such as visiting poor, sick people, English camps and Soup of Love. These things opened my eyes and heart through Dr. John to see that God is great and He loves us unconditionally. He worked very hard to help people, to share the love of God and he committed himself 100 % to God and I wanted to help people like he did.

Working at the mission helped me learn about God and I started to believe in God. One day when I had some problems, I prayed and God answered my prayers. It was a voice in my head that told me how I could figure the problems and I realized that it was God and from then on I believed 100 % that God is real and God is great.

When I was 17 years old, Dr. John passed away and we wanted to continue doing the church’s work, so we prayed. With the power of God and the help of our team and all of your prayers and help, we have been able to continue the church until now. Thank you very much for your help and prayers. We really appreciate it. Please come visit us sometime, we would love to meet you all.


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