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INDIA | YJM Ministry Partner | Pastor AHAJ KUMAR PANI in Odisha | Distributes TREASURES

The TREASURE is a solar powered, solid state digital audio player developed by an American organisation – WORLD MISSION – with which ACGC’s International Missions Department partners.

Yesuway Jeevan Mission was recently able to deliver two TREASURES to Pastor Pani and he subsequently wrote as follows…


India is home to more unreached people groups than any other nation.

North Odisha Mission has established their work by engaging through different projects including starting water projects, giving solar-power audio bibles, the TREASURE, and establishing Churches in remote communities. We distributed Treasures among the community, shared the Gospel, and told them God loves them.

More than 50 percent people of North Odisha are being called illiterate. They cannot read and write, and some of our village believers also cannot read the Bible. But through the help of TREASURES Bible they are able to listen to the Word of God. The TREASURES Bibles have become more helpful to the north Odisha village believers who are illiterate.

We thank God for the ACGC family in USA who provided us the TREASURES Bibles for the welfare of North Odisha believers.”