MYANMAR | Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar | Salem Theological School of GOSPEL FOR MYANMAR

Pastor Kenneth, the leader of Gospel for Myanmar asks for prayer for his organisation’s Bible School – Salem Theological School – and asks especially for prayer for the students and the five men who teach at the school.

This year there are 8 new students (pictured below), who will study for three years before graduating, at which time a further intake of new students will replace them.

Pastor Kenneth writes as follows concerning their school

“This is the brief history about our Bible School. Our Bible School started in 2001 and the name was “Vernacular Bible School”. At that time, we offered the Degree of “Graduate In Theology” G.Th., and it was a three year course. In 2010 the name was changed, and it is now called “Salem Theological School”. Since that time Salem Theological School offers the Degree of “Bachelor of Ministry” B.Min and the course is also three years. Every year our Bible School is open from June until the end of January, that means the school year is for eight months. We divide into two semesters and one is from June to the end of September. The second semester goes from October to the end of January. We do not have semester break, we only have summer holidays.

Our first graduation was done in 2003 and 6 students graduated at that first Graduation. Since 2003 to till today there are 30 students who have graduated from our Bible School. Among those graduated students two of them have died (already asleep in Christ). The rest 21 are now serving in the Lord’s mission fields. Some are at their own places, some are in different areas as missionaries. Four of them are working with me.

Concerning the teachers, this year we have five teachers in our Bible School. One is from outside and rest are our own teachers. Since 2001 our Bible School has had no regular financial support, it is a faith Bible school. (When I say “no sponsor” I do not mean that I do not recognize your help and support). We do not have our own property for Bible School, the building we are using is rented with *mmk.600,000/ per-month rental.

On the behalf of Salem Theological School we do like to express our thankfulness to ACMissioNZ and ACGC for your support financially and in prayer. As God blesses this Bible School and produces many workers in the Lord’s Mission fields, He will continue to bless till the Lord comes. You are the only channel for God’s blessing. We do very much appreciate your help and prayer.”

*600,00 MMK (Myanmar Kyats) is approximately NZ$665. The property also includes the house where Kenneth and his family, which includes 13 orphans/disadvantaged children, live and includes their small sewing business in an out-building at the house property. They also hold their church services and activities there.

Please pray regularly for Pastor Kenneth as he leads the Gospel for Myanmar organisation and for their members and ministries, and for the Salem Theological School and its eight current students.