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The pastors of the FBHC and some of the Guindy staff members, together with some of their wives and children, gathered together for a Family Fellowship Camp at the ICSA (Inter Church Services Association) Christian Centre, which is about 5 km from the Guindy Mission Compound, on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th May for a relaxed time of fellowship and activities for the children and to hear further teaching from Rev Dr. R. Thinagaran Richard from the EKTA/BILD organization, and to conduct the FBHC’s General Body Meeting (Annual General Meeting)

On the Monday there was a mixed program of activities during the day including teaching by Dr Thinagaran Richard, with a special program of activities for the children, with free time after dinner and on Tuesday further teaching classes finished at 1 pm.

Following the Tuesday classes, Pastor Paul Sundar Raj, leader of the Advent Christian Conference of India’s Bihar outreach, who is having his summer holiday break with his family in Chennai, spoke to the group to bring them up to date with the plans and needs for the new school property and buildings for their St Xavier’s School in Khagaria, Bihar.

Following that discussion, the FBHC conducted their annual General Body Meeting – the same officers continue in office until next year’s meeting – please continue to pray for Rev A. Jerald – President, Rev A.P. Paul Selvin – Secretary and Pastor P. Peter – Treasurer.

One attendee described the gathering “Different types of program, good food, games, skits. Totally nice!”
















Dr Thinagaran Richard had fun with the children and addressed the pastors and their wives.