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INDIA | YJM Ministry Partner | Pastor Pani in Odisha ministers to homeless and disabled children



Life in India is incredibly difficult for children with disabilities and for their caregivers. AAM North Odisha seeks to develop the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the children under its care and to support their families, often coping with poverty, loneliness and isolation.

We reach out to homeless individuals through street outreach and mobile outreach services and once we engage with homeless individuals, youths and families with children, we help to find shelters for them to stay in and we provide bed, blanket, food, clothes, free medical treatment (medical camps) so the people with disabilities can become stable and productive members of their communities, as well as help homeless children to go to schools.

We have laid down plans to help poor and homeless this year. We plan to meet more than 700 homeless people and poor children who are not able to go to school.

Prayer requests. 

  1. Pray for the homeless children ministry and for their spiritual growth.
  2. Pray for the homeless children’s and for their better health and good education.
  3. Pray for the children’s requirements. They need food, clothes, school bags, books, pens, pencils, slates etc.
  4. Pray for us and for North Odisha Mission.
  5. Pray for the spiritual growth of each believer here in North Odisha.”