INDIA | YJM Ministry Partner – PASTOR AHAJ KUMAR PANI’s ministry to tribal people in Odisha.


AAM North Odisha is involved in number of different ministries to reach out to our communities with the love of God. We are involved in spiritual and charitable ministry to the needy as well as to the down-trodden in our society.

All across the mission’s State, regular preaching of God’s word, praying for the needy people and assisting the weaker sections of society are taking place in the churches. The word of God is very important for every aspect of human life. Jesus said, “Thy words are spirit and life.” If God’s word enters into the heart of any human being it will bring about a great change.

Gospel work among the interstate labourers today in North Odisha – majority of the workers in the different job sectors are interstate labourers, and we are sharing the Gospel message among them. God has enabled us to start Bible study classes too, at various places. Many of the labourers are showing interest in listening to the Gospel and are coming to join our fellowship meetings. Here Ahaj Kumar Pani is sharing the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to the tribal peoples. They happily heard the Gospel from us. God is helping us to reach out the people with Gospel. Many people were able to hear the Gospel message from us while outreach program conducted in the tribal village.


  • Pray for the tribal village peoples who are first time heard the Gospel from us. May they accept the Lord as their personal Saviour.
  • Pray for our outreach program and gospel ministry in North Odisha.
  • Pray for the spiritual growth of each believer here in Odisha State.
  • Pray for us and for North Odisha Mission.”