INDIA | Yesuway Jeevan Mission Ministry Partner | Pastor Pani in Odisha

Pastor Pani has written as follows about another of his mission fields, which he visited in mid-February

“This is a prayer cell group in a tribal area. The mission field’s name is Gandhichowk.  The total ministry field believers here are more than twenty-six (26) that is including children. Please pray for this tribal ministry and for the spiritual development of this mission field.

Please pray for us and for our ministry in Odisha.

Please pray for all the North India children who those are going to appear for their annual exam this month 21st onwards. This is for CBSC class students. Please pray for all children who are sitting all the government school annual exams* which will be starting from March 1st week onwards.”

*The academic year in India ends at the end of April, as the month-long summer holiday season begins on May 1st. There will be children connected with all the Advent Christian ministries in India sitting internal and government exams this month (March) and early next month.

 Please pray for the children in the sixteen primary, middle and high schools operated in and around Chennai by the Advent Christian Conference of India; for the more than 1,000 children who attend St Xavier’s School in Bihar, which is operated by the Bihar Outreach Team of the ACCI, and for the children who attend the Emmanuel’s School and Children’s Home Institute in Chandel in Manipur State. Emmanuel’s School is a Yesuway Jeevan Mission Ministry Partner.