INDIA | Yesuway Jeevan Mission Ministry Partner – Pastor Ahaj Kumar Pani in ODISHA

Pastor Pani has sent some very interesting information about his State and his ministry. He wrote…

“Over 49 million people live in our State which is India’s seventh largest state. It has 30 districts, 51,583 villages and 291 different people groups and it is spread out about nearly 155,707 square km area.  But unfortunately the percentage of our State’s people groups who know the Lord is too small.

“We have a Vision”

Our main goal and heart’s desire is that each and every person at in our Mission’s State must know Jesus as their personal Saviour.

In order to fulfil the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ we are moving from village to village, door to door and person to person with the Gospel of good news.

Here in this village we are preaching the gospel and sharing the good news of salvation to the village people.

Please pray for the village people who for the first time heard the Gospel from us.

Please pray that they would read the Bible and gospel tracts we have given to them.

At the same time we are doing prayer meeting at rural village – Mission field name – Belpahara – all believers are very new to the Lord and they are growing in the Lord in their day to day lives.

Please pray for them and for their spiritual development.

Please pray for us and for our ministry.”