INDIA | YESUWAY JEEVAN MISSION Ministry partner in Odisha | Pastor Ahaj Kumar Pani

Mission Manager Immanuel likes to visit all of Yesuway Jeevan Mission’s ministry partners from time to time, as such a visit was a condition of the partnership contract entered into by all of the partners. In early January Immanuel asked Rev S R Paul Aruldoss, (pictured at right) a good friend of the Mission and a former President of the Advent Christian Conference of India who is currently pastor of the ACCI’s church at Saidapet, to visit Pastor Pani and his team in Odisha. It was Rev Paul Aruldoss who introduced Pastor Pani to the Mission when he was ACCI President. Our brother was very happy to accept this invitation and be able to meet and encourage Pastor Pani once again. Pastor Paul Aruldoss was able to deliver some TREASURES in the Odia language which had been sent from the United States.

Pastor Pani and Rev Paul Aruldoss and other members of the Odisha team spent several days visiting some of the areas in which they minister, and Pastor Pani sent reports and pictures as follows…

7 January – “We did a Baptism program here in Odisha. Please pray for the newly baptized candidates and for their spiritual growth.”

8 January  –   “This is a hill-side ministry field. Village name – Bhahagmar village.

The total strength of this village congregation is more than fifty (50) believers including children. Please pray for these jungle believers and for their spiritual growth. We want to develop this village ministry day by day and we want to exploit great spiritual ministry in the village. Rev. S.R.Paul is serving the Lord with us today..

Please pray for us and for this ministry.”


9 January – “Rev. S.R.Paul is doing great ministry with us in Odisha. He is doing a special prayer for the sick people. We are doing some helping ministry here. We are distributing new clothes to the poor and needy believers in the village.

Please pray for us.”

10 January –This is a homeless children’s Mission.

Rev. S.R.Paul from South India serving the Lord in the midst of homeless children.  Mission field name. Belpahara.

The total strength of our children foundation is more than one hundred thirty five (135) children. That is all around our Mission field. We are giving new school uniform clothes to the homeless children. Rev. S.R.Paul is distributing new school clothes to the homeless children.  Please pray for this children foundation. Please pray for the children’s better education and for their spiritual growth. Please pray for the requirements of homeless Children’s Mission., They are in need of school bags, accommodation, clothes etc.

Please pray for us and our ministry.”

14 January – “This is a village ministry. Mission field name – Brajarajnagar.

The total strength of this village congregation is more than seventy (70) plus that is being included with the children. We are distributing school bags to the children. Rev. S.R.Paul is serving the Lord in the midst of these village people and he preached the Word of God while we were conducting of a prayer meeting here.

Please pray for this wonderful village ministry and for us.”

18 January      “This is our Pastors and Missionaries group from the Odisha Mission. They have been working under my advice since long time but not yet received any help from us for their family living. By God’s grace I have been helping to them a little what I can, they are really in needs of a financial assistance for their furtherence ministry. They are being unable to manage their family living due to financial crisis. We have been continuously praying for the financial breakthrough for the Odisha Mission. God’s grace we have been widely grown-up in the ministry here in Odisha but we are struggling a lot for finance assistance to develop our Mission more and more, Please pray for the Pastors and Missionaries family’s and for their children education and for the financial support for every month. Please pray for us and for the Odisha ministry.”