MYANMAR | Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar | THE WORD MISSION

Pastor Joseph, the leader of The Word Mission has sent us his report about their November activities. He writes…

“There is a great opportunity for us to show God’s love and His redemption to His people if we act right now.   Your support for The Word Mission is a vital witness of Christian love to the entire nation of    Myanmar. This is no time for us to close our heart, our ears, our hands and our eyes; we must do all that we can to meet this urgent need. Will you join me in showing them in a real and meaningful way that they are not alone and not forgotten? I want to help as many people as possible, but we cannot do that without you. I want to preach the salvation of Jesus as many people as possible, but we cannot do that without you.

Will you open your heart to the orphans’ peoples?

Your support of The Word Mission today allows us to continue our work on Myanmar, to stand up and speak out for unreached people and to meet urgent humanitarian needs among the poor people living in Myanmar.

Praise with us for the month of November 2018. We baptized 13 people, male (8) and female (4).

They are from tribes such as Akham, Naga, Lahu, Wa, and Mara. We are able to reach them for the Lord because of you, your prayer and your support. Through the ministries to the orphans, we can reach more people – their relatives and their tribes.

Please pray for new orphans. We need your prayer support.

  1. Pray for our ministries to orphans.
  2. Pray for new
  3. Pray for daily need for
  4. Pray for our vision for 5,000 orphan of unreached people groups in Myanmar. Through 5,000 orphan children we will reach 500,000 unreached people in groups in Myanmar. The children can bring many souls for the Lord. The children can change the hearts of their fathers and


Education for every child.”