MYANMAR | Advent Christian Church of Myanmar dedicates a house for a church planter

Pastor Timothy, the founder/leader of the Advent Christian Church of Myanmar has reported that on Sunday 16 December he and his family and some leaders from his home church in Yangon visited the place where one of his church planters and his family have been ministering since 2009.

“They are ministering in Hlegu District in the Pegu Division, near Yangon City. Most of the people they minister to are Burmese Buddhist with small numbers of Karen Buddhists. These people are mostly farmers and “hand to mouth” people (subsistence farmers). Pastor Aung Thang and his wife support 4 orphans as well as their own three children. and have a children’s Sunday school of 15 children. His wife is a nurse and many sick people come to their house and she does what she can to help them, in the name of Jesus”

The occasion was a very happy one. As well as celebrating the birth of their Saviour, the gathered congregation dedicated a new house for the family to the glory of God!

Praise the Lord for this provision and pray for Pastor Aung Thang and his family as they continue to share the message of the Gospel with their people.