INDIA – Yesuay Jeevan Mission Ministry Partner – BIHAR OUTREACH

Pastor Denny Moses reported on behalf of the Advent Christian Conference of India’s outreach team at Khagaria, in Bihar, as follows…

“Annual Convention Report

Greetings to you in the everlasting name of Jesus Christ who was, who is, who is to come. We are glad to share the past events which were held in our Bihar ministry fields. We thank our Almighty God, for your valuable prayers and support and concern for our ministry.

In the month of September, our wonderful Lord has done a marvelous thing in our Advent Christian Church Mansi (Branch Church) field. It is 7kms away from Khagaria. As we prayed to buy church land for that field, our Savior generously blessed the church to get appropriate land, absolutely free of cost. This is not by our strength nor by our prayers and honor but purely and only through the everlasting Grace of Our God.

We praise our Savior, for he raised the Advent Christian Church at Perungudi, Chennai. They have donated land for a church at the Mansi field and also earnestly paid the land registration amount for the glory of our Father in heaven. The Perungudi church have also assured that they will build a church in the field by their own financial support. We praise God for such a burden the Perungudi church has. God is so good.

In the month of October we had our Annual Prayer Camp in two places (Balabazar and Rampur). Through these conventions 28 persons were baptised, 5 Bible Men were dedicated, 1 Church board member was dedicated, 2 pastors for the new field ministries were dedicated, 11 children were dedicated, and 59 tailoring school certificates were distributed.

The Holy Spirit guided us to conduct these conventions in a proper manner. Although the meetings were held during the important local Hindu festival Durga Pooja time, the heavenly army of our Almighty God completely protected all believers, pastors, missionaries, teachers, guests and all the attenders. We glorify His matchless name.

Our Advent Christian Conference’s Bishop Rt. Rev. S. D. David, Mission General secretary Mr. Panneer Doss, Ex. General Secretary. Mr. Sathya Muller, Missions Outreach Director Rev. J Gnana Prasath, Secretary Mr. Ravindra Babu, executive members Mr. Jeba Singh and Paul Dinakaran, Rev. Manohar (Ratanamagalm Area Chairman) Pr. Greece Peter (Bihar) and Pas. Joshua (Bihar) all attended the meeting to glorify Lord’s name by sharing the Word of God, to give witness, to conduct worship, to conduct healing prayer and to baptize the people.

In month of November, 8th & 9th we had special revival meeting for the Pastors, Evangelist, Bible Men, Bible Women and church Committees. Following that 10th 11th we had special healing meetings for the Allouli and Khagaria Church believers.
By the grace of God these four days revival meetings were blessed abundantly. The Holy Spirit filled all the days by His anointing. The word of God brought revival among the attenders as the Word of God was shared by Evangelist Haggi Shakar, Pastor M.J Matthews & Mrs. Surya Matthews. We had so many wonderful testimonies from those who experienced the spiritual revival. The new believers’ bondages of Satan were broken and they are healed. Around 400 people attended these meetings.
To God be the glory!

Following these revival meetings, we had a Gospel team arrive in our field at Khagaria from 17/11/18 to 22/11/18. Every year, this team is eager to travel this far (2500KMS) from Chennai to sow the seeds of the Gospel through village ministry and evening film ministry.

The team head Eva. Abraham and the four members (Rev. Ezekiel (Area Chairman Santhospuram) Pas. Lazar, Br. Mohan and Br. Issaya) ministered to God in Balabazar, Mansi, Sakal, Karvamode, Allouli, Rampur, Rajakpur and Khagaria fields. Please pray for these fields, that the Lord would raise many souls to establish His churches soon.

Prayer Requests.

  1. We need your special attention to pray for this year’s Christmas Carols services. We have a chance to spread the gospel through Santa Claus. On these days we usually distribute, tracts, New Testaments and share the word of God in some particular centers. Therefore, kindly spare your valuable minutes for God’s protection to be upon us. In the previous years, our field pastors have met accidents in various places during carols. This year we have faith that through our prayers and by His everlasting grace, He is going to protect us.
  2. We have bought church land in Allouli and Mansi fields and land for a church was donated by a believer, Mr. Raman, for Rajakpur church. Kindly pray for these 3 fields, soon we need to complete the construction of these 3 churches
  3. Please pray for our all the fields’ Christmas programs especially the jail ministry. Through this we usually visit the Jailer to seek his permission, then we meet the prisoners to share the Gospel and to show the Jesus film. May the Lord do marvelous deeds through His grace this year too. Amen.”

The believers, the Bishop sharing the word of God and the church choir performing songs.

Child dedication and Pastors dedication for new fields in Sakla and Beldor and the Bible Men dedication

Pas. Samuel honors the Bishop, Bishop giving Baptism to new believers and the Bishop with Pastors


Eva Shankar and Pas. M J Matthews preaching the Word of God to the congregation


Sis. Ambika (Teacher in School, Missionary) sharing testimony, Missionaries performing a skit, and love feast.

Eva. Abraham Iya & Team Sharing the gospel in villages, among the uneducated people.