“Greetings from Christian Mission, Thailand.

This is the news update of CMN for November. We all here are praying for everybody around the world. We have a prayer meeting every Saturday at 3 pm. If you have something that you want us to pray for you, please tell us and we will pray for you.

Maeo’s health is better now, thank you for your prayers. Ploy and Parn are preparing for their final exams, it will be finished before December and then they will have vacation. Lita is worry about her disease, she has an appointment for the surgery on 30th January 2019. Please pray for her. Job, Guitar, KaoPun and GungGing are having fun with their schooling, please pray for them and their families.

Parn’s brother got a job in Korea, he passed the exam and he got the job. He went to Korea this month and will work there. Please pray for Parn’s brother to be happy with his job. Ploy’s brother got a job also, he works with the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA). Please pray for him to get ready for the job

About Maeo’s house, it is going well. The house is about half way finished. The technicians and workers are trying their best to finish the house. Our new room is finished. It has been 3 weeks that we have stayed in that room on the weekend. The room is a good room, we understand that they tried to build it as good as they can do in the limited time. All of the stuff from the old apartment has moved into the church. Some things have given to the schools, poor children and other churches. Some wardrobes and mattresses have moved to our team’s houses. We keep the necessary things and the books. Everything is going well. Please pray for us.

Stuff from the old apartment stored in the church

Renovation work on the old apartment to make a home for Maeo and her family.

We are going to have a meeting on Monday 19th of November. It is the Leadership meeting of the Christ for All People Church Association at Christian Mission Naratchakwai.

We decided to go to give Soup of Love at Rammarach village. This will be the first time at this village. Please pray for the people in this village to open their hearts. Thank you very much.

God bless you.


Christian Mission Naratchakwai, Thailand.”