Please pray for Raja, the Mission’s driver for 20 years, and for his family.

Through an unfortunate set of circumstances, some blame for which is attributable to Raja, his private taxi vehicle was involved in a collision at an intersection very close to the Mission compound about midnight on Thursday night, 15 November. The other vehicle that was involved was a motorcycle with the driver and a pillion passenger, who were travelling very, very quickly, and there is a suggestion that alcohol was a factor with the driver. Sadly the driver was killed instantly and the passenger is in hospital with serious injuries. Raja sustained minor lacerations from flying glass, but otherwise is OK.

The police attended of course and later issued an FIR (First Information Report) which is the equivalent of an initial charge against Raja and he was later released on bail and is awaiting further enquiries and advice from the police. Because of the death the charges could be very serious.

Please pray for Raja and his family (wife Rose and sons Alex and Marvin and Raja’s father Esau) as they wait for further developments.
Pray that justice tempered with mercy may eventuate.