A Ministry Update from Ploy

“Greeting from Christian Mission Naratchakwai, Thailand.

It is good to worship God every Sunday. We serve the Lord and do many activities together. God allows us to meet each other and know a lot of friends in Jesus Christ. We are very pleased to serve the Lord forever.

Thank you, God, for this month. Everything is going well. We have some new members joining us at worship. Some are new believers and some just want to know about Jesus. We have more children coming to study English with us and they get a chance to know about God. Please pray for our leadership ministry team to be strong and healthy.

We have started cooking some Japanese foods for lunch after worship. We decided to cook it once a month. We know it will not be expensive if we cook it ourselves. Parn and Ploy have a part-time job at a Japanese restaurant. Ploy works in the kitchen, and can make some Japanese foods. This month, the owner of that restaurant gave us some salmon heads for cooking for lunch to the children, so Ploy cooked Salmon Kabutoni and Chicken Karaage.

Parn’s father is sick and he is in the hospital. The doctor said he has too much gas in his lung, so the doctor drilled his lung and put a long tube in to release some gas. Please pray for him.

Lita was selected to be in a contest to find “the campus beauty”, the same as Parn when she was in the 1st year of the university. These two beautiful ladies are popular and we are proud with them.

We hope you enjoy reading our story. Please pray for our ministry.

God bless you,


Christian Mission Naratchakwai, Thailand”

{Please pray for Parn and her family in respect to her father’s illness, and also seek the Lord’s ministry to her father in respect to his situation in regard to alcohol. Please also pray for Ploy as she has the responsibility for leadership of the ministry leadership team.}

Pastor Boontaa leads the children in prayer at the service on Sunday 9 September

Their Facebook post after the service said…

“Hello everybody, today is a very hot day. How about the weather in your town? Please pray for our mission and the kids with their Bible and English learning. Please pray for Parn’s father, he is sick and he is in the hospital now. Thank you for your praying from everyone. God bless you all. “

During the service, the children sang a song in English – a song many of us will remember singing when we were younger. I think it’s worth listening to and watching – remember as you watch that English is the children’s second language and they have learnt most of their English on Sunday afternoons at Christian Mission!!

Song: What a mighty God we serveFrom Kids

Posted by Christianmission on Sunday, 9 September 2018

On 25th August, Maeo, Dtee (driver and server), Job, Guitar and GungGing made another delivery of their SOUP OF LOVE to the village, again bringing many happy faces. Everyone who receives the soup is also given a Christian tract.

Please pray that in the power of the Holy Spirit, the tracts may touch hearts