INDIA | Yesuway Jeevan Mission Ministry Partner – Pastor Kirubakaran (The Baby Saver)

Pastor Kirubakaran, his wife Vasantha and son David and others who assist them, continue to minister to 20 orphan or underprivileged boys who live in their New Life Hostel at Thuthikulam, at the foot of the Kolli Hills.


The boys are well cared for, they get a good education at schools or colleges in the area and most importantly are living in an environment which constantly points them to the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

He advises that they need to get recognition from the Indian government for the hostel and are working on this at the moment. He asks for our prayers for this project.

As well as looking after the hostel and the children, Pastor Kirubakaran and his team minister in three different places – Solakadu, Semmedu and Thuthikuklam, and they have 132 believers in total in these three areas. They also conduct a regular monthly Bible Class for believers in the Kolli Hills, up in the mountains, where they minister in 14 different places. They have recently rescued 3 new-born babies who were about to be killed as sacrifices.

Once a week they visit surrounding villages and preach the Good News of the Gospel. In recent times they have baptised 9 persons who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour – 6 men and three women.

Please pray for Pastor Kirubakaran and his ministries; for his wife and team members and for the young lives for which they are caring so well. His final words in his report were “There are huge financial requirements for the hostel and church ministries – we need your kind prayers and support please.”