Pastor David, who is President of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar for 2018, is also leader of the Fellowship Bible Church of Myanmar, which has a busy ministry in and around Yangon; with Church planters in other parts of the country, and his Myanmar Bible College which is also based in Yangon. He recently wrote with the following information and pictures.

“Greetings in the name of Jesus from Yangon, Myanmar.

Thanks for your email and happy to share about our ministry.

In our Bible College we have 35 students for this year. All of students are come from different background, different areas of Myanmar. Some are come from Shan State, some are from Kachin state, some are from Sagain division, Naga area and Chin state. Many tribal people in our Bible College.

When they finish 4-year course they go back to their village and want to become missionaries, some are want to become Evangelists and some are want to become church planters around in Myanmar.

Most of students are could not pay their tuition fee. They are willing to serve different kind of ministry when they finish their school.

Please consider and praying for all of students their need. One Bible student need for sponsor $40 monthly. Please praying for Bible student God open the door to meet the need soon.

For children home we have 5 different children’s homes and 95 children are in our ministry.

All of children are come from different area from Myanmar. Some of children are from Buddhist or animist backgrounds. But when they arrived in our children home they received Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Their age is different from 2 years to 17. Their school grade are different – from Preschool, Primary school, High school. They study different subjects as Myanmar, English, Maths, Geography, Science. Some of children want to become school teachers, police, business man, engineer, and medical doctor. Most of children, they do not have their parents. All of children need food, clothes, schooling tuition fee and daily food. They need $ 5 per month. Please consider and praying for all of student to have full sponsor for their schooling and daily needs. Thank you so much for your consider and praying for this important ministry needs.


In Him