MYANMAR and the PHILIPPINES – Flooding.

A week or so ago we a wrote concerning serious flooding experienced by some of our Advent Christian brothers and sisters in Myanmar and the Philippines.

“It is the rainy/monsoon season in Asia at the moment and many of our brothers and sisters are suffering, in one way or another, from flooding and other problems caused by the rain. In many cases these same problems occur year after year and it must be heart-breaking to suffer as they do. Apart from relocation, which is most often not a financially viable option, there is really nothing that can be done to avoid the heartbreak and misery that flooding brings. But we can pray for these victims that they will have patience and fortitude that only our Heavenly Father can bring in the face of their difficulties.”

Pastor David, President of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar, who cares for 50 children in his home, has written…

“Greetings in the name of Jesus.
I would like to send you prayer request – after heavy rain and water flooding now most of children become sick with the flu. I and my wife also sick now.
Remember in your prayer for God to protect us and heal us from the sickness of flu.
Thanks and God bless you.
In Him,

It is very likely that Pastor Timothy’s children and the members of his congregation in Yangon who were also affected by flooding will be experiencing similar problems, and Pastor Roy Rocha in Manila, in the Philippines, has advised that he and his family are taking medications to prevent illness.

Please pray for all who have been affected by recent flooding.