ACMissioNZ were recently able to send some funds to some of the AC Conference of Myanmar members to assist them with the costs of outfitting the children they care for the new school year.

Pastor Kenneth replied as follows…

“Thank you very much for your love and support for the Mission work here in Myanmar. I do very much appreciate, words cannot express my gratitude. I can do nothing for you but I and my family never stop praying for you. May the Lord continually bless you abundantly in your ministries. All our children are also passed their exams and coming June (the new academic year) they will start their new lessons. We praise God for His wonderful guidance to the higher step.

Below are some pictures of our activities in 2017 and 2018. Again, I would like to say “Thank you” for your prayer and financial support for the ministries. I and my family and all the children who are with me will continually pray for you.”


Christmas 2017 Christmas celebration at Okshitgone Church Church – Gospel for Myanmar Mission