INDIA | VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL | Senthil Nagar, Chennai Church

It is summer school vacation in India this month, and most of the churches of the Advent Christian Conference of India and the Fellowship of Blessed Hope Churches will hold week-long Vacation Bible Schools. Most of these will be from a Monday to a Friday or Saturday, with a hot meal provided for the children at midday each day, with the final day being a celebration and prize -giving event to which parents and families are invited.

Rev A. Jerald, the President of the Fellowship of Blessed Hope Church at Senthil Nagar in Chennai, has reported that his church’s VBS was held from 23 to 27 April.  The lessons were based on the topic “FEAR NOT!”

More than 95 boys and girls attended, and more than two thirds of this number were from HINDU homes

Please thank the Lord that these Hindu children heard the message of God’s love and plan of salvation through Jesus Christ and pray that the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts and in the hearts of their families.