THAILAND | Celebrations at the Advent Christian Church of Myanmar’s Headquarters!

Pastor Timothy, the founder and leader of the Advent Christian Church of Myanmar and one of the leaders of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar, responded to a greeting sent in March for his wife’s (Hoi Van) birthday as follows…

“Thank you for your greetings for Hoi’s birthday. Yes, I passed to her and she was very happy for it. My family
celebrated her birthday last Sunday with Church members because my family has 6 persons’ birthdays in the month of March. One of Church member got B.Th. after his 61 years (long hair) and another one was released from Insein Prison (24 days in prison – no hair). We all were very happy for Hoi and other 5 birthdays. Hoi adopted 5 new orphans last week.”

When Brother Timothy writes of “his family”, he includes the many orphan and underprivileged children who he and his own family care for, and the believers who make up his congregation. His home is the base for a wide-ranging family of God.