INDIA | YJM Ministry Partner – Pastor Pani‘s team in Odisha

Pastor Pani’s team of ten continues to work tirelessly to share the message of God’s love by showing very practical compassion to many groups of underprivileged people in Odisha, many of them unreached with the Gospel until now, and sharing the Gospel with them at the same time. Some of the recent reports from Pastor Pani record….

“We are caring for the homeless children.

We are providing school bags for them and are working hard for the children’s education.

Please pray for this spiritual helping ministry.”

“We are working in the Brajarajnagar Mission field.

We are making a small prayer house here.

Please pray for this prayer cell group and for the spiritual growth of every believer here.”

“We are reaching to the unreached with the Gospel. We are doing an Outreach gospel preaching ministry here. We are preaching the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to these village people. We are distributing a N.T. and Bible tracts to them. Please pray for these village people who for the first time heard the Gospel from us.”

“We are doing orphan children’s ministry here in the Belpahara Mission field. Children are coming from rural areas village. We are caring for the children, and we send them to school.

Please pray for this children’s ministry and for the children’s studies.”