April News from THAILAND – Christian Mission Naratchakwai.

Ploy, the leader of the Leadership Team at CMN, sent this greeting and report…

“Greeting from Christian Mission, Thailand.

We would like to tell you about us in this April. We started the first Sunday at 1st April.

We celebrated Songkran Day (Thai New Year) in CMN. But last night we met with a rainstorm. It’s scary. So we don’t have electricity and water today. That’s hard for us because today is very hot. 😅😅 But we are still happy.

Next week, we will have a Bible and English camp at CMN. Please pray for children who will come and some people who are interested. The camp will be held for 2 days on 21-22 April (Saturday and Sunday).

Please pray for:

  1. Songkran Day (Thai New Year) Reduce the accidents.
  2. The Hiace van that was purchased in May last year.
  3. Ploy and Parn for their university studies. (a lot of work, don’t have exact date for mid-term test and even the final test)
  4. Our team’s health, especially Maeo who is getting sick sometimes.
  5. English and Bible camp on 21-22 April 2018

Thank you for praying and helping us.

God bless you.

Christian Mission Naratchakwai