MYANMAR | Pastor Timothy. Baptises seven new Christian to celebrate Christmas!

Pastor Timothy reports:

“By the grace of God and your prayer helped, I gave water baptism to seven new Christians at my home church on Sunday, December 24. God bless our Christmas.”


Pastor Timothy also wrote as follows earlier in December…

“Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. How are you and ministries?
We all are fine but some of the Govt leaders and army leaders are facing big problem in UN because more than 600,000 Muslims are fleeing to Bangladesh.
My oldest daughter Siam Mawi will have her graduation service B.Sc. on Jan 7, 2018. My oldest son Rabbi also will start 2nd-year university next week.
Please pray for new 3 Christians, I am praying to give them water baptism soon.
I am sending some pictures of my family.”

Left: Mercy and Lai Sung. Lai Sung ( in white) is my youngest daughter – 7 standard, excellent in
her class. Right: Hoi (Timothy’s wife) leading family prayer meeting with some of the orphan children.